Friday, August 17, 2007

Post-Op Day 3

Well, she seems to be comfortable today. They changed her meds and they seem to be working. They turned off the ketamine this morning to make sure that the oxycontin will do the trick alone, before moving her to the floor.

They turned off the suction from the chest tubes. So, they will watch the drainage and if it is stopped, they will take them out today (yay!).

She will definitely be moved to the floor today. But Tom came back this morning so it will be much less stressful with the two of us. We'll take turns sleeping in her room. Well, I say that, but I don't know what her room will look like, if it will be private, etc. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but sleeping there probably won't be a problem.

She was more awake this morning. Although not really interacting - just looking around. No smiles yet. Although the cardiologist fellow said she smiled at him earlier, so that's a good sign. Maybe once the ketamine wears off, she'll be more "awake".

Well, that's it. I brought the camera today so I can take some more pics. She looks more like herself, so they will be better than the last ones. Okay, talk to you later! As always, thank you for checking in on us.

Take care,

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