Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back in the ER

Well, as luck would have it. Harlie had a great night sleep last night. So much so, that when I called home at noon, she was still sleeping! Then I called home at 1:30ish and Brandi told me Christy was out front with the Ambulance.

Best I know now is Harlie turned blue when she was getting up. They turned up the Oxygen, but that did nothing. Not sure what else they tried, but I know they didnt want to risk the drive to MCV.

So 911 was called yet again to our home.I haven't been able to speak with Christy but for a few minutes. They are at the MCV ER and were having an X-ray done. They wanted to try and get yesterday's X-ray from DC to compare with. Other than that, Harlie was okay. Ill keep you updated best I can.


UPDATE: Im tired and dont feel like typing right now, but here goes.

Christy and Harlie took a helicopter ride to DC at 6 pm this evening. Yep, you read that right.
Basically, MCV had not much to offer other than a transfer to DC. They wouldn't allow us to drive her, or take an ambulance. We heard "what if" a lot of times. I dont have the whole story, nor do I really need it. But essentially she is going to have better care in DC for whatever is causing her breathing problems. Literally, thats about all we/I know. She was given a few breathing treatments in the ambulance that I understand seemed to help. She seemed perfectly fine when I was able to see her at 6:00. Then 5 minutes later, the Helo crew arrived and packed her into a little pod and off they went.

Sorry to sound negative, but Im not feeling very jolly right about now. We are all straight here for the most part, can't really plan much more until all the Doc's look at her tomorrow in DC, then we will just have to go from there.

Thats all I have. Tom

ps, on a lighter note, Christy just told me the helo ride was awesome! No surprise. She got to sit in the Co-Pilot seat. She found it very funny when the Pilot was told to "land on the big Teddy Bear". She also said she was trying to remember as many details asshe could to tell Uncle Bruce the pilot of the family all about it.

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