Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Post Op Day 1 - AM update

Good Morning, Dad here - Harlie had a pretty good night. This morning they were able to get her off the vent and back on a trach collar. She is still pretty drugged up with Morphine, but all in all, I think she looks pretty good. She is still retaining alot of water so she is swollen, but that is part of today's goals to get that down. The morphine is making her itch pretty badly, so they gave her some Benadryl to hopefully help with that.

She is going to have another Pain Consult this morning to address the issue. We are also working this morning getting her back on her feeding schedule. Christy is waiting on the nutritionist upstairs now to discuss the plan. Unfortunately, we are probably going to be kicked out of the ICU either today or tomorrow. We would most likely be moved to the Heart and Kidney unit. For those who keep up with this journal, you'll remember our dislike for this unit (see entry 3/15/07).

I have been working on several game plans to ensure we have someone at her bedside 24/7 when that happens. (volunteers?)

Thats it for now, I am sure Christy will want to add more as the day progresses.


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