Sunday, September 24, 2006

Harlie's Surgeries

Here is the list of Harlie's surgeries. As of May 1, 2013, she has had 32 surgeries, with more to go!

09/25/06 - Born at 1:11pm, 5 pounds, 3 ounces, 18.5 inches

09/29/06 - 1st Open Heart Surgery - PA band and PDA ligation and placement of pacemaker leads

10/11/06 - Tracheostomy

10/11/06 - G-tube (peg) Placement (feeding tube)

10/18/06 - Removal of skin tags on both sides of her face

02/19/07 - 1st Heart Cath

03/06/07 - 2nd Open heart surgery - the Bilateral/Bidirectional Glenn (she spent over 9 weeks in the hospital with a chylothorax)

03/08/07 - Tracheostomy re-do (stoma closed after heart surgery - they remove trach for heart surgery due to risk of infection)

06/13/07 - 2nd Heart Cath

08/14/07 - Right Lower Lobectomy and Upper Plication (removed most of her upper right lung lobe and all of her lower lobe)

10/04/07 - Anoplasty

05/14/08 - Nissen Fundoplication and Mic-key Button Placement (a nissen is to stop vomiting and a Mic-key is a low-profile feeding tube)

06/03/08 - 1st Bone Graft Jaw Reconstruction (harvested bone from her skull and placed into her lower jaw to try to extend it forward to bring her jaw out of her airway)

08/05/08 - Jaw wires removed

08/19/08 - 3rd Heart Cath

01/13/09 - Ear Tube Placement

03/31/09 - 4th Heart Cath

04/16/09 - 5th Hearth Cath and Transesophageal Echo

06/08/09 - 3rd Open Heart Surgery - the Damus Kaye Stansel procedure (DKS)

11/20/09 - Ear Tube Placement

12/10/09 - 2nd Bone Graft Jaw Reconstruction

02/11/10 - Jaw wires removed and debridement of jaw wound (a part of the transplanted bone was infected and had to be removed)

06/10/10 - 6th Heart Cath

07/13/10 - 4th Open Heart Surgery - the Fontan

3/28/11 - Spinal Fusion Surgery in two places (and ear tube placement)

05/02/11 - Infection in incision, irrigated and debrided 4 times (done in the OR under anesthesia) with wound vac, requiring a 9-day hospitalization

03/13/12 - 5th Heart Surgery - Pacemaker generator placement

08/03/12 - Bone Anchored Hearing Aid surgery on left side.

08/24/12 - Fibula Free Flap Mandibular Reconstruction.  Her fibula from her right leg was taken and placed into the right side of her jaw.

08/24/12 - Left Eye Closure Repair

02/12/13 - Bone Anchored Hearing Aid - Abutement Placement

07/03/13 - Jaw Distraction scheduled - Boston Children's Hospital

12/13/13 - 7th Heart Cath - CNMC, DC

Procedures Under Anesthesia

Bronchoscopy - 2
CT Scans - when she was younger she needed anesthesia, now she doesn't!
Ear Tube Placements - 4
Auditory Brainstem Response Tests (hearing tests) - 2

Upcoming Surgeries

Jaw distraction - July 3, 2013
Prosthetic ear placement

More jaw surgery - despite three jaw reconstructions - her jaw will not be able to grow at normal pace.  No matter what we do, the rest of her face will grow at a faster pace than her jaw.  So, she will have to have future surgeries as she ages.

Oral surgery - She has the same number of teeth, with half the jaw space.  Currently, her mouth is very arched.  So, her back teeth touch first, not allowing her mouth to close properly.  At this point, we don't know what needs to be done to fix it (other than more surgery, of course!).

And whatever else comes up!

Harlie is the busiest six year old I've ever met. For some interesting stats from her 1st year check out this post. You won't believe it. I hardly believe it myself.

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Hi !! Holtons- The Stevens are just checking in on you all to see how things are going. We will be thinking about you with Harlie's upcoming surgery!!