Monday, August 6, 2007

Another ear infection.

Harlie went off antibiotics on Friday, the 3rd. By Sunday, I could tell she was getting sick again. So, we took her back to the doctor today. Of course, her pediatrician is ON VACATION! Summer is really proving to be difficult. Well, luckily I have spoken with one of his partners before, so she worked us in and Harlie has another ear infection. So, we're going to try a different antibiotic this time.

While examining Harlie, she seemed to be pretty concerned. She is very wheezy again. Plus, Harlie had a few of her coughing attacks while there. She said she was considering sending us to the hospital. Since this was our first visit with her, I asked her to please call one of her other docs to just make sure the hospital was the way to go. So, she called the pulmonary clinic and we have to go see them tomorrow. I think she just wants to give Harlie the best chance to be healthy as possible for going into surgery next week. Hopefully a couple doses of the new meds will help.

Oh, on a great note, Harlie weighed in today at 15 pounds and 2 ounces! So, we're really happy about that. Well, that's about it for tonight. I'll let you know how tomorrow's appointment goes.

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