Thursday, August 16, 2007

Post-Op Day 2

It is hard to believe that we are ONLY on post-op day 2! It feels like forever since I handed her over.

Harlie had a rough morning. ENT woke her up to do a trach change. She still had the cuffed one from when she was on the vent. They upsized her from a 4.0 neo to a 4.0 pediatric. It is the same size hole, but a longer tube. That was a little traumatic, and made her very upset. So, she threw up right afterwards. Then the nurse had to change all her bedding. She didn't like being moved around for that, either.

Then the surgeon's team rounded and had to mess with her a bit. He said everything looks good, but he wants to leave the chest tubes on suction for another day.

Then they came to take x-rays. So they had to mess with her again. She really just wanted to be left alone.

Then cardiology rounded. Her x-rays showed some fluid, so they are going to try a different diuretic. They didn't like how wheezy she sounded, so they are going to get some cultures and test for RSV and some other stuff. They are going to leave her arterial line in. The nurse told me that she cannot go to the floor with an arterial line, so I know we're not going anywhere as long as she has that.

The swelling has gone down a lot, so she is starting to look more like herself. I even got a very small, quick smile from her today. Although most of the time, when she does look at me, it is more like a "what have you done to me" kind of look. Ugh. Poor baby.

They are still trying to manage her pain. They don't want to leave her on the current pain plan for much longer so anes. will come and do another pain consult today. She's back on her full feeding. So, that's good. Hopefully she will tolerate that just fine.

I guess that's it for right now. Thank you for all your comments on my guestbook! I really appreciate them all.

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