Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One week to go!

So, we went to see Pulmonary again today. They took x-rays, and all looks normal for Harlie. As far as why her good lung is wheezy, not really sure what's going on there. One theory is that it could be caused by the same thing that caused her ear infection. Another theory is that since her right lung isn't functioning properly, the blood flow goes over to her left lung and overfills it. I am not sure how the surgery and lobectomy will affect this if this is the case. But I guess we will find out soon. Luckily, he agreed that there's really nothing that can be done to help her at this point - so no hospital. The only thing they could do is put her on a vent to give her a break from having to work so hard to breathe. But, a vent has it's negatives with Harlie. Her lungs cannot handle postive air pressure. So, I think the vent is only used if absolutely necessary.

The main thing I'm bummed about is her weight. When were at the same office just one week ago today, she weighed 14.13. Today, on the same scale she weiged 14.11! We were so happy about getting over 15 pounds - but that was on a different scale. Not to mention that it's a LOSS! So, we don't know what to think. I'll just hope that something was wrong with the scale or the nurse weighing her (haha).

Well, surgery is just one week from today. We just hope and pray that it gives us the results we want.

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