Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're on the floor

Well, we finally broke out of the CICU today. And it worked out well - we got a private room.

Tom's sister, Mandy, came down from Pittsburgh today. She is going to stay here tonight and then she's going to go to Richmond to help with the boys, so Tom can come here. She said that rumor has it that Cooper is a handful. Um, that's true, by the way. But I know Mandy can handle it.

The plan (as of now) is to discharge her sometime this weekend. I have my fingers crossed.

It has been a very long day so this one is going to be short.

Thanks for checking in.


Beth said...

SO glad to hear that Harlie's out of ICU and may be able to come home this weekend! I'll keep my fingers crossed and of course keep you guys in my prayers! Hope to see you SOON!

Anonymous said...


Jennifer Fannin said...

let me know if you want me to work this weekend. I can probably either do Sat or Sunday. Call me when you know you are coming home.

Lindsay said...

Great news!!!!

Janis @ SneakPeek said...

Woohoo! I am glad you broke free. We have had a busy week ourselves so not much time to comment, but I read your posts. Sending HUGS to you & Harlie.

Kim said...

Hooray!!!! Best news I've heard all week. :) I hope she continues to improve by the miute.

Linda Troise said...

Christy, Mike and Marcy continue to keep us posted on your little Harlie. You are an incredible woman/mother, you know that don't you? Harlie is one lucky little girl to have you and Tom and all of your wonderful, caring and loving friends and family in her life. She came to the right place, didn't she? To all of you. And YOU are so lucky to have this spunky, couragous, brave little girl in your world. Reading your blog,day by day posts makes my heart feel all the love you have for this little girl, your naked honesty is breath taking. Our prayers and love are with you and little Harlie. We had the pleasure of meeting your little boy, Murphy, this weekend at M&M's. You and Tom have done such a good job in raising your kids. Murphy was such fun to be around and talk to. Very smart! I'm sure Conner will be the same. Stay strong with that great sense of humor you have. Linda

Ann said...

Glad to hear Harlie is well enough to move out of the CICU. Hope you get home this weekend.