Monday, June 8, 2009

11th surgery taking place...

We've gotten a few updates since they took her back. I wanted to post them as I got them, but it took us a while to get computer access from the waiting room. Anyway, here they are...

9:42 - Good morning. Harlie is doing fine and the procedure will begin soon. I will let you know the start time as soon as I hear from the OR nurse.

You know, for the most part we're fine. I thought I would start to cry when they took her, but I didn't. It's always the little things that you wouldn't think that would bother you that get to me. Like in the message above, seeing "Harlie is doing fine." That made me cry. She's doing fine laying on a table with a bunch of lines getting ready to have her third heart surgery. Doing just fine. You know? Earlier, when the cardiac anesthesiologist came in he asked, "So, how's Harlie doing?" Made me sad for a second. Us all knowing what's ahead of her and her not.

9:46 - The first incision was made. Please call me at XXXX to let me know you received this page.

10:51 - Harlie was placed on bypass. Please return to the surgery area within 1 hour to wait for the last update.

11:47 - I just got word that the surgeon only did the DKS. Not the Fontan. I'm disappointed. I absolutely hate the thought of going through all this again. I guess I wanted everything to go well enough that he could do both. Somehow I am reading into it that Harlie had something to do with it. Meaning, what if conditions weren't well enough in there for both? I guess we'll find out when he comes out to talk to us.

And I just see the number of surgeries piling up - this is her 11th surgery. She'll have three more this year. And then her 6th heart cath. And then her 4th heart surgery next year. That will be 15 surgeries before she's three years old.

I'll keep you posted.


Kim said...
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Lindsay said...

Thinking of you.

Todd said...

The hansens are thinking of you!