Friday, June 12, 2009

Post-Op Day 4

Sorry I didn't update the blog last night. We had a busy day and I was too tired. I'll write about our "fun" activities later, when I have more time.

As far as how Harlie is doing, she's hanging in there. Yesterday she didn't really do anything. The only thing she signed was in the morning at it was "let's go." Other than that, she had no reaction whatsoever to to anything. Not even Murphy. I was hoping that she would at least smile or that I would notice something in her eyes - but nothing. That is definitely NOT the Harlie I know!

Last night as we were leaving the CICU doc asked me if it would be okay to try her on CPAP (helps you breathe) again during the night. She was just on her trach collar (which provides humidified air) during the day and working very hard to breathe. So, they wanted to try to give her a break during the night. Plus, her x-rays were still hazy yesterday, so they wanted to try to get air in there to try to prevent some that stuff from settling down and growing something yucky.

So I came in this morning and she's still on CPAP. Again, she had NO reaction to me at all! It's killing me! I would rather her be signing "let's go" than nothing at all!

Her drainage has been very low, so maybe we're making some progress as far as that goes.

As soon as the respiratory therapist gets back they are going to see if she can tolerate breathing on her own again. Her nurse today thinks that the CPAP might be bothering her because her heart rate is pretty high.

Well, they haven't rounded yet, so I'll try to update after that. Thanks for checking on us!


Donna said...

Thinking of you and hoping Harlie perks up for you today :(

Big Hugs,

Heather said...

great to hear from you. your visitor count has got to be through the roof! I'm sorry it was a rough day- really hoping today goes a bit better.

hugs- HBL

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Christi, thinking of you always!!!

Love, your Erie family

Janis said...

Thanks for the update, no worries on skipping some; you have A LOT going on!!

Sending XOXOX from Austin

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