Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post-Op Day 6 - pm update

Today has been a good day.

At around 3pm they put her on a trach collar to see how she would do. It is now 7pm and it looks like she's doing okay. Of course, she's on a TON of oxygen (75% - holy crap!) and her sats are still only around 70! But she seems happier off the CPAP. And her nurse and I are MUCH happier, too, as we don't have to hear that incessant $%#$% beeping of the vent!


I started to post an update around 7pm - as you can see I didn't get very far. So many interruptions!

But good ones tonight!!!!

My Harlie seems BACK!!! After a few hours on the trach collar she seemed to perk right up. She started signing all kinds of things and was interactive and... FUNNY!!! That's my girl! She sat up and wanted to brush her hair and her teeth and she wanted to wash her hands (which we couldn't let her do yet - too many connections). And she was making everyone laugh by being her funny little self. Granted, she was still breathing fast - but at least it wasn't as labored as it was. And as long as she's acting like she feels better, then it is obvious that things are improving now! WooHoo!!!!

So, the doc said that if she does well on the trach collar all night long and she's fine in the morning, they are going to send her to the floor. I am VERY happy about that. She would lose a bunch of connections and then I could put her in a wagon and get her out of her room for a little bit. Plus, I could start bugging them about discharge!!!

Oh, she started taking off her own diapers. She takes her hands and undoes tabs and then grabs the diaper in the front, lifts up her bum and yanks the diaper up and off. Then hands it to me (or the nurse). I think it's potty training time...

Of course she doesn't want anything to do with me. She wouldn't wave goodbye when I left, or sign that she loves me. Even though I kept signing it to her. Quite frankly, it was a little embarrassing. I'm going to let it slide this ONE time, but that's it.

Here is Harlie sitting up and trying to smile, which is a MAJOR improvement! You can still see something's wrong with her eye...

Well, I really need to get some rest. Unfortunately my whole night was thrown off. I got a call from the RMH that they had to move me into a different room. They have this one area of the house that can be completely cut off from the rest of the house so they put transplant patients in there. They have to be kept separate to keep them from being exposed to germs while they are getting treatment or something. Anyway, so I had to move and it took me forever!

Which is why I am just now finally getting to bed. So, I will update as soon as rounds are done.

Thanks for thinking of us!!!


Susan said...

I'm so relieved that Harlie's back! Hope you get some much deserved sleep.

Sandy said...

YEAH!!! Just what I wanted to hear this morning.

windy toy said...

Im so glad shes starting to perk up. I'll keep checking in!!

Heather said...

great news Christy! and keep up the great improvements Harlie! hope to hear more of the same today. we are ready to have you both back in Richmond.

Donna said...

Yeah! My Monday has been totally crappy so far and that's just what I needed to read this morning!!! I'm SO happy to hear she's back to her funny self!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad Harlie is feeling better. I hope you are out of there ASAP. If not I will try and come see you this weekend. MARCY

Sarah (Lucy's mom) said...

Hi Christy, I'm so glad for the good update. I know it's SO hard to see the ups and downs, but just remember: One day at a time. And if that's too hard, one hour at a time. (I even used to need to do one minute at a time!)

But all in all, it sounds like Harlie is on the mend. So just be sure to take some time out for yourself too. Take care! Sarah

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