Friday, March 16, 2007

We're Home!

So, it is Friday night and we are home! The weather was terrible and it was a 4-hour drive, but now we are home!

It was a very busy day. Orthopedics came by and reviewed the x-rays of her spine (they took those yesterday). He said that she does have some fusion in her neck - but that is probably helping her now. She does have scoliosis (we knew that already). They want to follow her closely to make sure that her spinal cord is protected. We will see them again in a month to go over everything in more detail and to set up a regular schedule.

I spoke with several people about my nursing concerns (social worker, charge nurse, nurse practitioner and patient advocate). They were all very caring, understanding and helpful. My social worker made a sign to post at Harlie's crib that was written from Harlie's point of view. It was very cute and illustrated how important it is to pay attention to her. I gave the patient advocate some suggestions that I thought would help. I will be more prepared for our next hospital stay (in 2 months). But, hopefully that will be a much shorter stay.

I have a funny story about Harlie. She often puts her hand up over her eyes as if to shut everyone out. The OT was attempting oral feeds and Harlie put up BOTH her hands. The OT said, "she must be really mad at me". Well, the second she was done and started to walk away, she looked back at Harlie and she was peeking from behind her hands like she was saying, "is she gone yet?". It was hysterical!

So, Harlie is doing great. She is so happy to be home and so am I. It was so good to see Murphy, too. I hate being away from him. Well, thank you to everyone for all your prayers. Obviously they worked! Harlie pulled through just great. And thank you to all of you that put Harlie on the prayer lists at your churches. I think she must feel the love of so many. I know that we do.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Love, Christy, Tom and Murphy xoxo

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