Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Still waiting...

Hi. Just another quick update. Today is Wednesday and Harlie will finish her antibotics tonight. Typically, they wait another 24 hours to make sure everything is okay before discharge. But, in Harlie's case, they want to wait 48 hours. Which totally stinks. So, assuming that all of her tests come back okay, the soonest we could leave is Friday.

She was moved yesterday late afternoon to the Heart and Kidney Unit. This has been a very difficult move for me. I am just not used to this level of care (minimal). A baby's defense is to cry - that's what alerts you that something is wrong. And she can't do that. So, I slept in her room last night (you can't do that in an ICU). My mom came up this morning to sit with her so I could come back to the RMH to shower and change clothes (and give you an update). I am just not comfortable leaving her alone.

I spoke with another surgeon yesterday about her anoperineal fistula. That surgery will be next and should happen as soon as she is fully recovered and released from cardiology (6 to 8 weeks from now). Ugh. But, on the bright side, it will be nice to start checking some issues off her list.

OT came by yesterday and tried oral feeds again. This time, they actually tried - gulp - baby food. (Karen, I loved your comment in the guestbook by the way!!!) Their thinking was that her tongue could handle baby food better than liquid and she might just skip the whole bottle feeding altogether. I will talk to my OT back home to see what her feeling is on this. (Allison - she actually did pretty well with a spoon.)Well, that's pretty much it. I gotta get moving.

Talk to you soon!

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