Friday, March 9, 2007

Post-Op +3

We came in this morning to be surprised that Harlie is now out of the CICU. They moved her up to the PICU (pediatric ICU) to make room for another child. She would have been moved out to the floor (less intensive care) but they are treating her trach as a new one, which is kinda of silly but who am I to tell them that.

Anyway, she is down to just a few connections and the main arterial line will come out today leaving only an IV or 2 for meds. She is back on her presurgery feeding schedule and is tolerating them just fine.

OT and PT will be working with her today as they can. We requested a consult with Orthopedics to discuss our recent findings with her cervical spine and the other spine related issues we learned at birth. This is a topic we really haven't talked to any specialist about. I am dreading this one truthfully.

We are also hoping to talk to genetics today to followup on the testing that was done after birth. They told us back then they didnt expect to find anything that would tell the story of why this happened (or if it could happen again). Hopefully this will remain the story after we hear from them.

Okay, that's about it so far today. Harlie continues to recover as planned. I know we can't take her home until after her first trach change on Monday or Tuesday, but as of now, there isn't anything that would keep us here longer than that. If that is the case, that gets us home in 1 week. Not too shabby for a 5 month old on her 5th surgery (two of which were open heart).

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