Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Its late but I thought I'd pass on some info. Today didn’t go well.

Long story very short, Harlie didn’t make the travel to her follow up appt well. She turned blue again no matter how much O2 we were able to give her. From what I hear, it was really scary.After some brief chaos and failed attempts to get her to respond to the O2 (at the pediatrician’s office) the call was made to 911 for an ambulance ride to MCV Emergency. (Yep that makes 2 rides in 6 months for my wife...)

She is currently in the ER and will be transferred to the PICU "as soon as a bed is open". She seems okay right now. She was resting peacefully when I left at 11. She does have a form of pnemonia that has basically (medical terms) junked up her lungs to the point that she cant exchange O2 worth a damn. Hence the blue color. Actually it is not too surprising to us (or the Dr's) as what we are learning, this is pretty much expected to happen to heart patients and trach patients...and certainly to us as we are both!

They loaded her up with the "big gun" antibiotics and took a ton of samples/tests. We will know more tomorrow I suppose. Unfortunately, no one would really give us that level of severity that Christy and I have grown to use. You see, with all the things we deal with on a daily basis you have to sort things out on a 1-10 level of severity. We weren’t given that answer very clearly tonight but, I didn’t really expect it either. The jest of it is, despite that dreaded pneumonia word, she should recover in a few days, but only time will tell. If there is one thing Harlie has shown us, is that she has her own timeline for things and she will let us know when she is ready to come home.Oh, one good note, the ER just so happened to be staffed tonight with (2) of my Steeler Club members (so Christy has a little company at least until 1:00am)…go figure.

Good Night

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