Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hi. Sorry I have not been able to update lately. We just haven't had the opportunity to sit and write.

Harlie is doing very well. They said they are happy with her progress. Her spirits are definitely better and she is starting to act more like herself. She smiles at me and her nurses. The swelling is gone from her face but still seems to be there around her head. Maybe today it will be gone.

She only gets pain medication if it looks like she needs it. Which is crazy to me. If I had open heart surgery I would be on pain meds around the clock!!! Goes to show you how incredibly resilient babies are.

PT has come by a couple of times to sit her up and she appears to really like that. She still has 2 IVs, one in her arm and one in her foot. Although they keep having to move them because eventually the veins shut down. But she is much happier now that she has one free hand to put in her mouth.

OT came by yesterday and worked on oral feedings. They rigged a pacifier with a tube in the middle connected to a syringe so we could control how much went in her mouth. She took 4 mls - which is tiny, but good for her.

They are thinking that her trach change will be Monday or Tuesday, and then she needs to stay for one day after that. So, it looks like we'll be home Tuesday or Wednesday. Harlie had some visitors yesterday. Mike and Marcy came up to see us. Tom rode home with Mike so I could keep our car here. And Marcy ended up staying the night so I wouldn't have to spend my first night at the Ronald McDonald House by myself.

My Mom and Dad are on their way up now. They will spend the day here and then Marcy will ride back with them. Well, I need to go. We need to get over to the hospital. I hope all is well. Take care,

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