Monday, March 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Wow, it is SO much better to be home! We’ve just been hanging out, laying low.

This weekend proved to be challenging in the feeding pump department. At 2am on Saturday morning, our feeding pump broke. Luckily, we had our night nurse, and she converted over to a gravity drip. Unfortunately, it took some time to get a new pump delivered, which got her feeds all off schedule. Just stressed me out a little.

So, the new pump proved to be terrible! The bags won’t allow milk to pass through the tube unless you put it in the mechanical device, which opens and closes a valve. The bad thing about that is that if the device doesn’t work – you can’t convert to a gravity drip – which is TERRIBLE! We don’t know if we got a bad batch of bags, or a bad pump (probably both). But Tom and I spent 2am to 6am on Sunday morning trying to make it work. This stressed us out A LOT!

The company said they couldn’t deliver a different pump until 11am. I have never wished for complete oral feeding more in my life! So, they brought an old non-portable pump that isn’t so mechanically dependant, which has worked without any problem at all. I think that whoever designed that new pump clearly does not have a child that is tube fed. It is always good to have a gravity drip as a back-up and the fact that those bags don’t allow that just amazes me.

Anyway, aside from all that fuss, the weekend was good. Harlie is really happy to be home. Hopefully now that she should have a little more energy, we can get her on some sort of schedule. We’ve added some more photos. Well, that’s about it. Thanks for checking in. I hope you are all well.

Talk to you later,

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