Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Nice and Calm Day

Well the title says it all. Today was simply that, nice and calm. Harlie is doing well with her post-op recovery. She had a few more lines removed today so she is looking less and less connected each day. Its a welcome change for us as we continue to monitor her progress.

Mom is also doing well. She is working on providing food for the little one and I think thats just great. Speaking of which, Harlie is on a slow continous feed now and hopefully her insides will do their job and we'll start seeing some weight gain during the next few weeks.

We decided today to leave the Ronald McDonald house tomorrow after our visit. Mom and I are pretty home sick...especially mom. The plan is for Christy to commute as often as she can (and I'll join her as often as I can). I suspect she will have a few volunteer travel companions as we try this approach. I think being home at nights with Murphy and sleeping in her own bed will be very good for all of us. Again, hopefully we can find a balance that works for our family.

Thanks to all for the kind words we get to read each night in the Guestbook. It is really good to hear all the support Harlie and the family is receiving.

"I'm Tom Holton, you stay classy Richmond"

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