Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Day of Days

Well today became the day. Harlie had her 2nd and 3rd operations today. The trach and the G-tube are in. The operations went well with no problems thus far. The Doc's say she is doing fine and should be fully recovered by Mon/Tues next week. That's all great news. We should have her home sooner than originally expected.

I say this was the day of days as it was a pretty rough day for both of us. Without explaining the entire past 12 hours, lets just say the operations weren't scheduled for today as of last night. But this morning they were...And need me to remind the Doc's the importance of telling the parents that the procedure is complete before transfering the little one back to the PICU..1.5 hours later only to find her sleeping off the anesthesia 1 floor up.

And of course what day would be complete without a nail in the back tire!

Good Night and Good Day!

ps. we really are very happy the operations went smoothly and that our little Harlie continues to improve with every passing day. and of course, thanks for your continued support.

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