Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just waiting...

Sorry I haven't updated the journal in a couple of days. The commute and days at the hospital have made me pretty worn out. So, I had to take today off to catch up on some rest. I felt really guilty about not going up there today, but the nurses told me that I won't be any good to her if I wear myself out. And they said that I have the best babysitters in the world right now, so I should take advantage of it and not worry. She is doing well. Monday was another good, quiet day. Today they moved her back to PICU. They are starting to prepare her for surgery again. I spoke to the ENT doctor today and they are trying to schedule her tracheostomy for Thursday, Friday or Monday. They are trying to combine a few procedures to lessen the number of surgeries. But getting 4 surgeon's schedules to coordinate is proving very difficult. We're crossing our fingers that it will work out.As much as I hate the thought of her having more surgeries, I know that it gets us closer to being able to hold her and bring her home. I am trying not to be too nervous about her trach (taking care of it, I mean). They said that a nurse will come to our house for so many hours per week to help us. Hopefully we'll learn quickly. Well, I suppose that's it for tonight. Thanks for checking in, and thanks for your continued love and support.

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