Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aunt Mimi (Mandy) met Harlie today

What a difference a few weeks make! Grandma, Pap-Pap and Aunt Mimi went to DC today to visit with Harlie. We had her all to ourselves because Mommy and Daddy needed a day of rest!! I am happy to report that Harlie looks incredibly strong and rested. Continuing all her recovery like a little trooper.

She had an absolute wonderful nurse taking care of her today, who shared with us portions of her care and help us to understand what will be needed when Harlie goes home. Of course, let me tell you that everyone at the Children's Hospital have been great.Today was the first time Aunt Mimi met her new niece and like the rest of us, is extremely proud of our little girl. Just for everyone's information...Harlie likes her pacifier and hates poo-poo and pee-pee diapers. Such a little princess already!!Our hope is that soon Harlie will be home with Mommy, Daddy and Murphy. Plans are being made for her discharge as soon as all can be arranged. Her room at home is all ready for our "princess" to arrive and we thank God everyday for allowing that to happen. Again, thank you for you support and prayers.
Grandma Bowser

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