Sunday, October 8, 2006

She's awake!

Another quiet day, and she just keeps improving. The nurse let me change her diaper, which was really nice. I know that may sound weird, but it was really nice to do something to take care of her. They have taken her off the meds that have kept her sedated so far. She still slept most of the day, but at the end of the day, she woke up. I mean, she opened her eyes and really looked at me. It was such a great feeling! Everytime she's opened her eyes before, it was just a drug-induced stare. But this time, she really looked at me for the first time.

I spend so much time worrying about everything and being scared, that when she looked at me - I just forgot about all that stuff and thought that everything is going to be okay. I wanted to pick her up and take her home right then!!! But I have to be a bit more patient. It sounds strange, but I can't wait till my little girl gets her trach. Hopefully we'll know the date soon. More updates later!

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