Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Change of Plans - Maybe?

Well, Harlie had her surgery today and that went well. So, that looks like that might be it until her big heart surgery at about 6 months. So, instead of us just bringing her home from DC, they are looking into transferring her to Children's Hospital here in Richmond first. They call it transitional care or something like that. Basically, it will allow us more time to become comfortable with her day to day care that will be necessary. And allow us to get fully set up at home with equipment/supplies/etc.

The Case Nurse in DC will be working on that tomorrow. If Richmond's Children's has a spot open, then it could be within the next 4 or so days and she'll be here in Richmond (only 15 minutes traffic!) That's a big deal to us, can you tell?

Well, that's about all the news from today. We/them started working on transferring some of her follow-ups to Richmond Doc's. That sure will help with the traveling that is hard enough on us, yet alone Harlie.

Thanks again for your continued support.
Tom & Christy

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