Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Good Night.

You know those moments when you look at your kid and you think your heart might explode because you love them so much? Well, I had that kind of night tonight. And after my super long post from last night, I thought my faithful, wonderful, much appreciated readers deserved a good, normal, loving post.

I don't know what got into Harlie tonight. But she was the absolute cutest little girl I've ever seen. I honestly thought I was going to melt.

We were getting ready to sit down for dinner and I put Harlie in her chair with her communication device. I thought I would let her sit and explore while we were having dinner. We were having dinner in the dining room and we were going back and forth into the kitchen putting food on the table. I heard her cough and then I heard the communication device (it has a kid's cute little voice) say "I need to be suctioned." Tom and I stopped in our tracks and just started laughing. It was SO weird and so wonderful to "hear" her say something! Especially when I know she "said" that on purpose!

Later, Cooper was holding his most favorite snack (graham cracker sticks) and Harlie went over to him and it appeared that she was taking the box away. This, of course, made him scream and fight for the snacks. But, I know she doesn't want the snacks for herself. She just wanted to open the box for him and feed him. So, I signed to her "do you want to help Cooper open the box?" And she signed "yes" and went and sat down next to him. She reached in the box and fed him one. It was SO cute!

And it was almost like she was so appreciative of my understanding what she wanted. Like she was fully expecting us to yell at her. And it really looked like she was so glad that she was understood. Ahhh, what a good little moment!

When we were putting Cooper in his crib, Harlie looked through his toy baskets and found a little stuffed mouse and gave it him. She really is so thoughtful sometimes!

When I was putting her in bed, I gave her her night meds and water. She saw the syringe coming, so she held up her nightgown so I could get to her mickey button. As I was giving her water, she held up my shirt, looking for my mickey button! With her head cocked and her face all curious - looking for my g-tube, I couldn't help but laugh. After she didn't find one, she just put my shirt back down and went back to her book. I have to say, I almost felt bad I didn't have one, too. Think of how tickled she would have been if she looked and there one was - one just like hers! Guess I'll be performing surgery on one of her dolls pretty soon, huh?

And just seeing her walk around - especially when she's excited and walks really fast - in her night gown just made me smile and completely warmed my heart.

Tom took Murphy for a much needed haircut and then stopped at the grocery store on the way home. And then he gave Cooper a much needed haircut. As he was clipping Cooper's hair, Murphy and Harlie came in looking all curious. The kids all got baths, and then went to bed cooperatively with nothing but smiles and laughter.

After a day like yesterday, I'm thankful for tonight.

Thank you to all of you who hung in there and actually read my entire post recapping Tuesday's events. You are true readers and I'm thankful for you, too! Can't you just feel the love?

I just ride the waves when they come.



Janis @ Sneak Peek At Me said...

*Kumbaya* {Everyone} *Kumbaya*

Boy we had the fit of all fits here glad your night went better than mine. ;)

Janis @ Sneak Peek At Me said...

*Kumbaya* {Everyone} *Kumbaya*

Boy we had the fit of all fits here glad your night went better than mine. ;)

Mat said...

Oh, those are such sweet stories ! I love the "I need suctioning" ! Is it me or it that a new step for her ? It isn't amazing what that beautiful little girl has accomplished ?!?

Allie said...

That's an epic wave, my friend.

Grandma said...

Another wonderful day in the life of the Holton's. Enjoy those days..the good always overrides the bad. Hope tommorrow brings another great day and life just gets better each and every day for all of you.

Heather said...

well deserved Christy. and a great read after the disaster of a day on Tuesday you had. let's hope these good ones continue.

B-Mama said...

In the highs and the lows, I love your ability to maintain a sense of humor through it all! I am a fan of both posts because they are REAL and life and that's how life is, right?! The good with the bad. I'm glad you're still seeing and appreciating both!! Blessings.

Sue Mitchell said...

What a roller coaster! It's truly amazing to me how you & Harlie both can bounce back from such a bad day to such a good day, within 48 hours no less! I love the interaction you describe between Harlie & Cooper - so sweet!

Take care and I hope you both have another amazing day this week. You both certainly deserve it.

Susan said...

Ahhh! It's so great to hear. And I know what you mean about understanding. I think our kids get so used to being misunderstood because they aren't verbal that when they are, it is VERY empowering. A lightbulb moment as a parent when you see it in your child's eyes.

Be warned, I went to the Goodwill and found a doll to trach and gave it a Mic-Key. Ainsley hated it at first! And the nurse freaked when she found it's trach on the floor (Ainsley likes to decannulate her) until she realized it wasn't Ainsley's. I don't think Ainsley favors this doll like I thought she would but I'm still glad I did it. Make sure the neck and tummy are hollow enough for the tubes to fully insert. I meant to post a how-to on my blog but I don't think I ever did. Oops.