Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sippy Cup is a hit!

Just in case you're wondering how the sippy cup thing went over at dinner...

It went GREAT!

We only put two ounces in (not sure why) and she drank it all! I showed her on the communication device how to say "drink milk" and she would make it say "drink milk" and then she would take a sip, put it down, then say "drink milk" and then take a sip, put it down, etc.

You should have seen how proud she was of herself! It was so heartwarming. I can't imagine how it must feel to be her. She clearly is starting to realize the things that others do, that she doesn't. And I think she wants to, too. Although Tom did offer her a little taste of ice cream and she said NO for sure to that. Oh well. Baby steps. Or, as my friend Janis says, Inchstones! How's that for you? A three and a half year old that drank from a sippy cup for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Talk about patience!!!! I really hope there's something big waiting for us when we die.

I see big things with this sippy cup.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that she can "read" the Brown Bear book on her communication device. She presses all these buttons... I see brown bear looking at me, and then does that for each animal. Then after she's done, she presses the all done button. I will have to video it. It is so cute!

And - a Cooper first... Cooper NEVER eats vegetables. If it is green, he will NOT put it in his mouth - period! So, I went to Whole Foods to get Harlie some probiotics and I went to the frozen vegetable section and saw soy beans. Already shelled, steam in bag. Hmmmm. Murphy likes them. Perhaps, just perhaps, Cooper will try them.

YES! Cooper ate something GREEN!!! Woohoo! And liked them! I thought I was on cloud nine last night at dinner. Seriously, it was crazy good!!! It was such a wonderful dining experience with ALL of my kids drinking by mouth for the first time EVER!!!

Then, after dinner we went outside. I am totally loving the warmer weather. I got out Harlie's tricycle. Last year we had to put straps on the pedals to help her keep her feet on them - she was still a little short for it. Well, she got on it and pedaled like she'd been doing it forever. She could even stop, and then propel herself forward again by pushing the pedals - with no help! WOW! She still lacks the strength to go up an incline - but that's probably right around the corner.

Well, another post full of brags. I could get used to this!



Ann said...

Sounds like a perfect day all the way around! I hope the days ahead are equally as perfect (at least we can hope, right?). Way to go Harlie.

paige stevens said...

absolutely wonderful! Im on cloud 9 just reading about all this excitement!

Susan said...

I don't know how I missed this post! That's fabulous! Dinner time can be frustrating. How nice to have it be the other way around. Great progress with the trike! Go Harlie GO!

Anonymous said...

LOVE all the brags! Edemame and sippy cups. It doesn't get any better!