Monday, March 15, 2010

Insurance and Hearing Test

I hardly talk about insurance, as I try not to think about it myself. Although that is difficult when I receive several Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) every single day. Literally, I receive anywhere from one to five EOBs each day. I just open them and put them in a notebook. Until that book becomes too heavy, then I archive the oldest ones, and start again. It's really quite ridiculous.

Today I received something a little a different. The letter says:

You are receiving this letter because the claim for the medical services listed above (claim number) was submitted to (Insurance Company) with a diagnosis for a type of treatment frequently found to be related to an accident or other trauma.

So, I think to myself, "What in the world are they referring to?" I look and it says "Children's Hospital".

Hmm, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to be more specific.

I can only chuckle at the fact that when I get a letter like that, that I have NO idea what they are referring to. Yes, there have been that many procedures, surgeries, and appointments. And it doesn't help that we frequent THREE different children's hospitals.

So, yes, you are going to have to be more specific.

After closer examination it says it's from Virginia Subrogation Services. I looked up "subrogation" on the internet and got this definition.

Then I said, "Huh?"

I searched again and found this explanation, which makes a lot more sense:

Suppose you’re in a car accident and it is clearly not your fault. Your car is wrecked and your neck and back have been injured. You are covered for both the damage to your car and your personal injuries, and so you call your insurance company and they pay all of your expenses relating to the accident. Later, your insurance company, realizing that the other party at fault also has insurance that will cover the damages, seeks out reimbursement from that insurance company since its insured was actually at fault for the accident. This is called subrogation.


Guess I'll be calling them soon. You know how I am about making commitments. Besides, it says I have 25 days to respond!

Ahhh, life with a medically fragile child is never dull.

On another subject, Harlie had another appointment for her hearing aid today. It was her first one since the beginning of February.

She was tested in a sound booth. She sat in my lap and played with some toys on a table in front of us. Ann would speak to Harlie and the sound came from the speaker on Harlie's right side (the side that her hearing aid is in). She would start at a low volume and would get progressively louder until Harlie looked in the speaker's direction.

Even though I perfectly know that she is hearing impaired, it STILL felt weird to hear things that she clearly, could not. Ann spoke to her, asked her questions and made funny noises all at different volumes. Then she played a static kind of sound or a shhhh kind of sound.

Ann said that she did really well. Although Harlie had enough after several minutes and signed "all done" and got down from my lap and that was that. There was no chance of getting anymore from her.

The results show that her hearing is definitely improved with her hearing aid. Which is pretty obvious in our day-to-day life (yay!). Ann also said that Harlie seemed very different than she has ever seen her (signing more and making more sounds). And we all couldn't agree more. Harlie is a completely different little girl than she has been since her jaw surgery in mid-December. Ever since mid-February when she got those wires out (and treatment for the bone infection began) she is so much happier and more cooperative. She must have been so uncomfortable for those months she was wired and infected. If only she could tell me when she's hurting!!!

We will go back in three weeks. We might have to take another mold of her ear. While she wears her aid all her waking hours now, it falls out a lot. Ann said that she has a VERY tiny ear canal. Like the size of an infant's ear canal. Still! And I've heard this from her ENT, as well. It really doesn't seem to have grown much, if at all, since her birth. And it's information like this that makes me close my eyes, shake my head and wonder when this is going to bite her in the butt. Because I know it will. It will have some adverse affect on her. Her jaw didn't grow right and is too small. She's had two jaw surgeries, and her jaw is still too small. We need her bone to grow. GROW! And the problem areas in her jaw and her ear canal are right next to each other. That area just doesn't want to grow!

Well, tomorrow we are headed back to Norfolk for her weekly appointment with Infectious Diseases. I'm anxious to see if she handles it any better this week. I'll certainly let you know!



Janis said...

EOB's are the bane of my existence! glad she mastered the booth test and is doing well with her hearing aid. WOOT!!

Kim said...

Insurance crap. Pukey. That's all I've got. Miss you and hope to see you soon! :)

Rebecca Bennett said...

Your first party coverage (the one that covers Harley) has triggers set up so that when certain procedures are done they will be notified so that they can attempt to recoup their money from a 3rd party (liability). It should resolve if you write a letter or call them and advise them that this is not the result of an accident or the fault of a 3rd party. If you need help, let me know.