Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bye-Bye PICC line!

Harlie's PICC line is OUT! And our weekly trips to Norfolk are done. We will go again in three weeks. They switched her to the oral antibiotic and I think she will be on that for two months. Although when I picked up her prescription today, it was one bottle that will last for 30 days. And it said five refills are allowed. Hmmm. Not a good sign. I guess we will just have to see how her blood work looks as time goes by.

I told Harlie what we were doing today (getting her PICC line out) but I don't know what she understands. She started crying as we were walking down the hallway approaching the clinic. One of those defeated cries. It breaks my heart. And she started crying again when they called her name to go back. But she walked right up on that scale and stood still to be weighed. Then we told her she needed to get her temperature taken. So, with tears and hunched shoulders she walked over and got up on the chair and held her arm out for the temp probe. She is so good.

Here's her waiting in the exam room for the VAT team to come and pull the line out.

She loves to take pictures with my camera. She took this one of me and Brandy...

And me with a very accident-prone Cooper (he crashed into several things in the exam room and then got a bloody, and now - fat lip, at the play area later.

And the fun begins...

This is her thinking it was over.

But it wasn't.

Now it is over. And the PICC line is out and gone. But she was so protective of her arm still that I couldn't really get a photo. She wanted her sweater back on and wouldn't let me take it off for the rest of the day.

Then we went and met my friend Melissa and her daughter Isabella at the mall. She had a great time. And Cooper got knocked down by a bigger kid and did a face plant right into the corner of one of those things they crawl all over. It was not pretty. But his lip didn't bleed for too long and he recovered pretty quickly and went right back to playing.

I have more to update, but will have to save it for later.



Susan said...

HOORAY! It breaks my heart to hear you describe it. Poor girl has been through too much. I hope she gets a break for a bit.

Donna said...

YEAY!!! So glad it's GONE! Harlie is such a trooper!!

Grandma said...


Just Diane said...

That cry is so sad. It brought tears to my eyes just imagining it. How is the boo boo under her chin doing now?

Poor Cooper... we used to say our sons Indian name was "Running with bump on head". He was sooo accident prone. Maybe it is just a boy thing. Out of my 3 boys and 2 girls... the boys have definitely been injured more.