Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sippy Cup!

I am SO excited, that I cannot wait until later to blog. I just have to share this right now!

This morning in Feeding Therapy, Allison thought that Harlie looked really interested in self-feeding. So, she went and got a sippy cup.


She took the valve out, so it would be free-flowing. And Harlie literally took the sippy cup out of Allison's hands and kept on drinking! Some dripped out of her mouth - but she did GREAT! Now, just to clarify, she only takes one sip at a time. But, eventually she will learn to swallow and keep drinking, taking several drinks in a row. But, for now, one drink at a time is WONDERFUL!!!

Lately, she is all about feeding Cooper and getting him his sippy cup out of the refrigerator. So, maybe she wants to do the same for herself!

When I dropped Harlie and Brandy off at school, she took the sippy cup with her so she could drink during lunch. I am so anxious to see how she does. I wonder if she'll feel more like the other kids if she drinks out of the same kind of cup!

And I can't wait until dinner! I'm going to make a big deal out of letting her get her own sippy cup out of the refrigerator with Cooper's.

I honestly had never even thought of her being able to use a sippy cup. It just wasn't even in my goals yet. I am so wonderfully surprised that we could be here already!!! My heart just swells thinking about her drinking from a sippy cup!!!


Here's what we've been using for her feedings. It allows us to control how much goes into her mouth.

But, if she can/has learned that - then she can do it herself! And how wonderful that must feel for her!!!

I really am thrilled. Just thrilled. And I really hope that dinner is as exciting as I'm hoping it will be. I bet Murphy will be excited, too, and I think that will make Harlie feel excited for herself! Now, hopefully I won't crash later.

A SIPPY CUP! Holy cow.

Okay, more later!


Anaya said...

Wonderful news. I love how Harlie just keeps astounding everyone with her skills.

Lisa B
Hampshire, UK.

B-Mama said...

Love it! I saw her and Cooper arguing over the sippy cup in the stroller yesterday and probably because she wanted a turn with it!! Watch out Cooper! :) A big congrats from all of us... way to go Harlie!

Grandma said...

WAY TO GO GIRL..WAY TO GO. Grandma just loves to take her mid day break and find great news about Harlie on the Blog...makes my I can feel how happy you must be Christy!

Grandma said...

WAY TO GO GIRL..WAY TO GO. Grandma just loves to take her mid day break and find great news about Harlie on the Blog...makes my I can feel how happy you must be Christy!

Rebecca said...

That is amazing. Independence on any level is a great feeling. I agree with Grandma...I love checking your blog during the day especially when the news is like this.

Allie said...

Oh my good God, that is HUGE! I am kind of sitting here a bit crazy with happiness. Nice going Harlie girl! Man, this is a breakthrough - I would say I cannot believe it but it's Harlie so I can totally believe it.
I see the light Christy, it's nice and bright now.

Kim said...

Yay! That's Huge! A Sippy Cup!!! :)

Donna said...

Yeay to both of you!!! Way to go Harlie - and how exciting for you Christy!!!!!! Can't wait to hear how it progresses!!! :)

Susan said...

We've been doing that too but Ainsley still spills because her motor skills aren't great but she could never suck. One thing you might try is water with ice in it. Ainsley isn't a big drinker but that is her favorite. I think the cold help her feel the liquid. If you try it let me know if you think the cold helps.

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