Monday, March 29, 2010

Injury Update

Sorry I haven't updated this weekend. It was a wonderfully busy one, so I couldn't get on the computer. And I have a busy day ahead as well, so I'll have to update on all that stuff later.

But, just in case you're curious, here's what she looked like yesterday (day 3):

And yes, that's milk (well, Pediasure) in her mouth! She drank three full feedings this weekend!!!! And that means that she was able to orally get in her entire feeding (5 ounces, which is small, but a feeding nonetheless) instead of using her g-tube. WooHoo!

And just to prove that she is happy and doesn't notice her boo-boo - here she is last night playing in Murphy's room.

I just bought that dress for her and I think it is adorable! It looks so much cuter without a long sleeved shirt underneath (it's a tank dress), but it was cold and she wanted to wear it, so there you go. Oh, and yes, that is a sheet over Murphy's bed. Tom put it over his bed so it could be a tent. Of course Murphy loves it. But, I do not. It makes his room appear more messy. But, I'm not winning that one (so far).

Thanks for all your wonderful comments of understanding and support in my last post! You're the best! Okay, more later!


Anonymous said...

It is NOT a sheet over his bed momma. It is a FORT. All little boys need a FORT. It is a place where great minds come up with great ideas. We are keeping it. We might even make one in our room....haha.

You need to post a photo of the whole FORT. Inside and Out...

Dad - Co-Designer/Builder of said FORT

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fort Builder!

Janis said...

Let's see the Fort!