Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad Mommy Moment

So a friend of mine from the down the street walked by on her way to take her boys to the playground. She made the very unfortunate decision to ask us if we wanted to come along.

The three big boys were riding their bikes. So Harlie wanted to ride her tricycle. There is NO way she would make it to the playground on her tricycle. So, I got the bright idea to get a rope and tie it to the front of her bike so I could pull her when she got too tired.

We only made it a few houses down the street when this happened...

We were turning a corner, she steered straight while I pulled to go around the corner. The bike went over and Harlie's head it the pavement.

Bow in her hair?





Aw crap.

She doesn't have one. And I don't know why I didn't even think about it. I guess I was so excited about the prospect of her being able to ride her tricycle that I... well, I lost my head.

And to be honest, I remember reading on a Goldenhar support group that a lot of the kids had a really hard time with helmets because they just didn't have enough of a chin for the strap. They just wouldn't stay on. And I guess somewhere in my mind, I wrote off her ability to wear a helmet. She does have a chin now. Not a symmetrical one, mind you. But, still a chin. Maybe a part of me was afraid that she would still have the same problem.

But, I guess we'll find out for sure this weekend!

Back to the accident... I knew it was going to be ugly. I picked her up and told my friend to look for me, because I couldn't. Yes, there's a gash, she said. I took a quick peek, saw blood, and ran her home.

That's probably when my friend started to regret the decision to invite us along.

She was left with five kids (three of them on bikes and already a block ahead). But, luckily, a middle schooler that lives on our street was helping us out keeping up with the boys on the bikes. Thank goodness!!! Thank you so much G!!!!

So, I took Harlie home, got her cleaned up, called my friend/nurse, Jennifer and asked her what to do. Once I cleaned it, I realized that it wasn't nearly as bad as my imagination made me believe. So, I put her in the car, went to the drugstore and bought some of those butterfly closers. Then I took her home, gave her a bath, and Jennifer came over to put it on for me.

Harlie put up a good fight, but we prevailed. That photo will come tomorrow.

Then Harlie and I went to pick up the boys from my friend's house. She fed them dinner while I was getting Harlie straight. And then saved some for me to take home. Seriously, how nice is that?

I love my neighborhood.

Thanks, B!!!!!

We'll see how her goose egg looks tomorrow. I'll certainly let you know!



Ann said...

Harlie has more battle scars than anyone I know! Could you ever have imagined it would be your little girl who would be the tough one in your family? Underneath those bows, ruffles and girly clothes is one tough kid. God bless her.

michelle van meter said...

Christy, I know how you feel. Last week, I was taking Abby upstairs for her nap after her intensive therapy and tripped while going upstairs, mind you carrying Abigail. Well, the next thing I knew, she was face first on our hardwood stairs. Was afraid of what I was going to find when I lifted her up. She suffered a fat lip and possibly an injured tooth (looked like it was starting to discolor today). I felt I totally understand how you felt today!!

Rene said...

Owwiiieee!!! I remember once when Tommy was reaching for a toy and lost his balance. Crashed head first less than a foot from me into a toy. Gave his cheek a lovely bruise. I remember being HAPPY because he'd had his very first boo-boo that was not medically induced. Made me feel like he was a "typical" kid that day. I looked forward to days of skinned knees and goose eggs instead of surgeries and procedures.

I know it hurts her physically and you emotionally, but this could have happened to ANY kid and ANY mom. Brandon once rode his trike off the front porch steps and got road rash all down his face. Surprised he kept all of his teeth.

She's a tough little cookie. I'm sorry she got hurt, and I'm glad she's okay. Sometimes it's easier to hear about playground boo-boos than another trip to the hospital for an admission.

Don't beat yourself up. Tying a rope to one of my kid's tricycles sounds exactly like something I would have done too. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

Janis said...

Two things. #1 OUCH!!!! #2 Austin does have a helmet that I make him wear to ride his tricycle or his train and everyone thinks I am thank you for making me feel a little less nuts.

Bumps & bruises happen to the best of us. Glad it wasn't as bad as you thought and Jennifer could help you out.

Kim said...

You are not a bad mommy. You are an awesome mommy. One of the absolute best I have ever met. We all forget stuff like that!

Donna said...

Ouch Harlie!!! And being a bad mom is just not, nor can it ever be on your resume!!!

Grandma said...

Harlie's boo-boo's will get better. Repeat after are a wonderful mommy. It was an accident. Just think, if she didn't steer diferently...all would be ok and you would have made it there without anything going wrong.