Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Well, the x-rays they took yesterday showed an effusion. The chest tube is still draining, just not as much as it was. It is possible that there needs to be a certain amount of build-up to get to the tube. The tube is a pig-tail drain (shaped like a coil) and is located in her upper back area of her chest. So, when she is sitting up, it makes sense that it might not drain as much since the fluid goes to the bottom of her chest. And because of her continuous feeds and reflux, she needs to be elevated all the time. So, until she shows signs of respiratory distress (which we know all too well) there's really nothing to do. Just watch and wait. And pray that we don't get kicked out of the PICU. Since she is "stable", it is possible that if they need the space, we could get moved to the step-down unit.

Unfortunately, that would not be a good place for someone staying long-term. It is all open, separated by curtains. So, for me, who is there every day, and sleeps there every other night, staying there would be even more uncomfortable. Her doctors say that they are going to try everything to keep us where we are now. They are so understanding that this is hard enough as it is, to be over there would be even harder. Plus, all the nurses and doctors know her here.

Anyway, that's it. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.
Take care,

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