Monday, May 28, 2007

Harlie moved!

I hope you all had a good Memorial Day weekend. Ours was good. We took Murphy to a birthday party for his friend, Kerri. That was a lot of fun. And Brandy came over today so Tom and I could spend the day with Murphy. We went to Lake Anna with Bruce and Nancy and hung out and went jet skiing. During our vacation last year I couldn't ride because I was pregnant. But today I got to drive one and that was a lot of fun.

But, the thing I am most excited about is that we moved Harlie upstairs to her bedroom! I feel like that is such an accomplishment and it makes me feel so much more normal! So far she is loving her crib. And it makes storing all of her equipment and supplies so much better for us. I just love having her in her room!

Tomorrow we go to the pulmonologist down at MCV. I think we will also see the nutritionist that took care of Harlie when she was in MCV the past couple of months. I really like her a lot and I am getting a little concerned over her very slow weight gain. The formula that she is on right now is full of protein and she should be packing on the weight. So, hopefully she can help us with that.

Well, it is late, so I have to go. I hope you are all well.
Take care,

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