Friday, May 11, 2007

Pampered Chef Fundraiser #2


The first one was a success, I hope this one is even bigger!! There is an online Pampered Chef fund-raiser being held for Harlie that will run until Monday, June 4th. Just like the one held in December, all of my commission will go to the Holton family for their medical bills, or whatever else they need. Thank you in advance for your support! There are three ways to help: #1. Please copy and send this blurb to all of your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. You'd be surprised at how many people who might not know Harlie would still be willing to help. #2. Place an order, (instructions to follow). #3. Book a catalog/online show. For every "booking" received, The Pampered Chef donates another $3 to Harlie. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it can add up. If anyone wants to book their own show, I can mail catalogs or the show can be done online, just like this one. Things to know before placing an order: We have 45 new products that became available March 1st and 5 even newer products as of May 1st. If you have any questions, e-mail me at How to order: 1.) Go to my site: (there is a link in "My Favorite Links") 2.) Click on "Order Products" at the bottom of the page. 3.) Go to option 1. "Already invited to a show" Type "Harlie" in the first yellow block, then hit search. 4.) Click on "Harlie/Christy Holton" in blue. Start shopping!! I think the online catalog is the easiest way to see everything. (Click on the pink button "shop catalog.") Other information: * Show closes on June 4th so you will get your Father's Day orders in by June 12th or 13th. * Spend $60 in product value (not including shipping and tax) and receive one BBQ Basting Bottle FOR FREE, $14 value!! Go to the Guest Special section on the website to see. The item # is GM04. * Please choose to have your products shipped to your own home. (Combine orders with friends to save on shipping.) Here are the shipping costs: up to $19.99 --> $6.00 $20 - $29.99 --> $6.75 $30 - $39.99 --> $7.75 $40 - $49.99 --> $9.00 $50 - $64.99 --> $10.25 $65 - $129.99 --> $14.00 $130 and over --> 11% * This fund-raiser is a great way for you to prepare for the grilling and outdoor entertaining season. * We have many products priced under $15 that are perfect for teacher's end-of-the-year gifts. * When you place your order, you can use your credit card and feel safe knowing it is a totally secure transaction. * If anyone reading this is considering becoming a Pampered Chef consultant, I would love to answer any questions you might have. I love the flexibility and FUN in doing this. It works great as a part-time, full-time, or hobby job. If you sign with me, I will give you a present when you qualify. And yes, we can be on the same team from different states. :-) Thank you for your time. Let's all try to help this wonderful family lighten their financial burden. And let's all continue to pray for Harlie. Thank you again! Gina Barnes, Independent Kitchen Consultant The Pampered Chef (301) 570-0206 Knead dough? Talk to me about our part-time, full-time and hobby opportunities!

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