Thursday, May 3, 2007

She found her feet!

Hi everyone,

Well not too much to report on, really. Just hanging out watching and waiting. Her drainage seems to have decreased a bit. So, they took some more x-rays just to make sure that the drain wasn't clogged like before. And they actually looked really good. So, again, trying not to get my hopes up - but still can't help it. At some point it has to stop...hopefully it will be soon.

Harlie has been very playful the past few days. When she is happy, I am happy. On Wednesday, Harlie finally found her feet! It was so darn cute! I was wondering when that would happen. I caught it on video and took pictures. I'll post it in the next set of photos. It is so weird how the little things mean so much when it comes to her. When Murphy found his feet, it was just part of the deal. But when it comes to Harlie, I never know what's going to happen or not happen. It really makes the good things so much better.

Oh, this morning when I came in, Harlie was wearing an adorable little comfy dress that I had never seen. She looked so cute (because normally she's not wearing any clothes). Jennifer, her nurse, got that dress for her. How nice is that?!?! I love that they love her here. It makes our stay so much better. Well, thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate them!


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