Monday, April 30, 2007

More chyle

Well, you might remember that on Saturday they had to change out the chest tube because it was clogged. Well, since then, there had been very little drainage. Again, got my hopes up.

Well, the docs told me this morning (Monday) that her x-rays showed more fluid in her chest than EVER before! So, something was up with the new chest tube. Also, her sats were low, her respirations high, and her heart rate decreased and it was all out of rhythm. So, they ordered more detailed x-rays and an ultrasound. They weren't sure if they were going to need to move the chest tube to a different area or what. Well, I went to a luncheon at CMS (my work buddies) and Tom came to the hospital to sit with Harlie. He said she vomitted a lot and the next thing they knew she started draining. So, she took care of the problem herself. She has been draining steady since and she is so happy about that. Since then she has been more playful than I have ever seen her. And her heart is back in order and beating normally again. Sats are back up and all seems good right now. I guess we will just watch and see how much she drains over the next few weeks and go from there.

Well, thanks for lunch, CMS. It was so great seeing all of you today!!

Take care,

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