Monday, April 23, 2007


Well, I spoke with her cardiologist today (Monday). There is a theory about Harlie's situation - I'll give you the basics. They are just thinking that they might need to put a plug in her pulmonary artery (it is still there with a band on it). The surgeon was thinking that she would need the extra blood flow. But now they are wondering if it is making the pressure too high, contributing to the chylothorax. Again, this is just a theory. So, her cardiologist here spoke with her cardiologist and surgeon in DC and it will be the surgeon's say as to if that should happen.

If he says yes, then he will also decide if it should happen here in Richmond or in DC. They would put it in through her vein (another heart cath). If he says no plug should be done, then they want her to stay on TPN (fed through her blood) for SIX WEEKS!!! Yes, that's right... six loooong weeks. I will admit that I was not prepared for that number. They will let us take her home on TPN, which is good. That just means that we will have to wait longer for some of that freedom from the IV pole that we were really looking forward to.

If they do the plug, then I think they will keep her on TPN for a little while and then try the Portagen one more time to see if the theory was right. So, the answer from the surgeon makes a big difference on what the next few steps are - and when we can bring her home. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

She has been battling a fever the past few days. They have been taking a lot of blood cultures to try to narrow down the location of the infection. Her chest tube has been in for over 2 weeks now, so that's a very good possibility. And of course, she has the central in her right leg, which has been in for just over one week. The one that was in her left leg was in for one week as well when that got infected. The last I heard, they were thinking it was the line in her leg.

I know that they want to put in a more "permanent" line to reduce the chance of infection. The problem is that there is no good place to put it. With her circulation, it is my understanding that they can't put it in her upper body. And her veins in her legs are so damaged already. So, I don't know what they're going to do. But I think they have to do something pretty quickly before that infection spreads. So, at this point, no one is talking about a discharge date. There are just too many things up in the air. Regardless, we are looking at a couple more weeks at least.

Well, thanks for all your continued prayers and support. I hope you are all well.

Take care,

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