Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hoping for no more chyle!

So, we heard from her surgeon in DC. Out of the two options we had, he opted for neither. Basically, he said he doesn’t want her on long-term TPN and he doesn’t want to do the plug in her PA. It is his belief that all chylothorax’s will eventually stop.

So, they started the Portagen again last night. It is possible that she was on TPN long enough that the vessels have had a chance to scar down and no more chyle will drain. We are keeping our fingers crossed that that is the case. If chyle does begin to drain again, then we keep on feeding her the Portagen and wait for the draining to stop – however long that may be. Unfortunately, going this way, prevents her from coming home until the draining has stopped completely, and the chest tube is pulled out. So, that’s that.

The central line in her leg started leaking yesterday. So, they had to pull it out. They found a vein in her arm and put in just a regular IV. She is still battling fevers, so they are doing other tests to see what’s going on. Yesterday, we had a surprise lunch visit from some of the girls I used to work with at Parker, Pollard and Brown. Thank you Patty, Pat, Jackie and Sue!!! Well, please continue to keep us in your prayers and pray that there is no drainage so we can get home soon.

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