Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye stitches!

The appointment with Harlie's surgeon went well.  It was in Fairfax.  When we were just a minute or so away from arriving at the building, Harlie started crying.  But we were honest with her and told her the night before that we were going to the doctor (she cried then, too).

Anyway, they removed her stitches, which is great.  Although the actual removal of them was not fun for anyone involved.  We put her on her belly across my lap and Brandy held her hands and Gabe (the guy removing the stitches) sat on her legs.  There was NO way to make her stay still.  We even gave her a dose of valium before the event, and it did nothing to help.  That girl has just had too many drugs in her short life.

Anyway, Gabe did a great job despite the moving target.  I wish she was capable of understanding that if she just stayed still it would hurt less and be over quicker.  But she doesn't trust anyone.

After that we had her walk down the hall so her surgeon could see what she's doing with her right leg.  (She is doing so great walking in her walker.)

Look how straight she is!
In her ankle braces and tennis shoes she was putting her whole foot on the floor (when barefoot only her toes touch the ground on her right side).  Her surgeon said that her x-rays look great and the screws haven't moved, so she is probably having a hard time getting used to her new structure.

Much happier now that her brace and shirt are back on.

Signing "let's go!"
We don't have to go back for four weeks.

Sounds like a break, right?


I've got some other stuff in the works.  This is going to be one very busy summer.  You know how it is.  So many doctors, so little time.  Ho hum.

I wish I were kidding.

I hope to update you soon.  Thanks for hanging in there!


Susan said...

Wow she looks so straight and sturdy walking! I truly hope the pain stops. I really hope whatever you've got in the works is something good. I'm trying really hard to imagine what that could be. Come on the suspense is killin' me! ;)

Kristen said...

So glad she got her stitches out. What was the docs explanation for the ugly redness of the incision site....a recation to stitches??? (Just curious....)

And look at you being all coy about what you've got up your sleeve! ;)

stacey hasse said...

What a brave girl she is. She looks great! :)

B-Mama said...

She really does look fantastic! Give yourself a big pat on the back, mama, because she's looking awesome, despite the rough recovery!!! Hang in there, yourself!
You amaze me with all you do!

Grandma said... more stitches. Her back does look so much straighter..hopefully she will feel more secure and start walking more. She looks so happy and ready to conquer the world again. God bless you Harlie. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Harlie! She is so cute and doing so well. Hugs for all. Love Ron and Sue

Tracy said...

How nice and straight she looks walking down the hall.
Have they done an MRI to check for a tethered spinal cord? Most children born with IA have this. Its rare they don't.
Sorry if that's already something she's had treated. Checked out her surgery list and didn't see it as a surgery she's had.

Christy said...


To my knowledge, she does not have a tethered cord. But, she can't have an MRI. Ever. She has pacemaker leads in her heart - so no MRI, which is a total bummer since that is such a great way to find all kinds of things that can be life-altering. Kind of scary actually.

But, she's had a few CT scans and they said all looked good with hers. Hopefully that's true!

Thanks and I hope all is going well with your family!