Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Desperate times call for Superheros.

These kids sure keep me busy.  If only I had a superhero to help me...

Maybe one who isn't so confused as to his own identity.

Superman pajamas, Batman cape and mask, Hulk hands, and Dinosaur feet.  I suppose he has it all covered.  I love a boy's idea of dress up.  I meant to get a picture of Murphy, too.  They looked so cute together! But whatever he put on Cooper wanted.  Which is how Cooper ended up like this and Murphy was basically, naked.  Well, he had his pjs on.  He's such a good big brother.

I promise I will get you all updated on what's going on here.  Soon.  Murphy now has swim team practice everyday, Harlie returned to school yesterday, and Cooper had his last day of preschool last week.  Boo Hoo!!!!!!  Seriously, what do people expect me to do with that guy every day???  Yesterday he opened that #$% pillow with the little white beads and spread them all over the upstairs (last time he kept them contained in his room).  He even was thoughtful enough to dump some in the clean laundry basket.  That'll teach me to not put them away immediately.  I'll be finding beads for years.

Okay, gotta go!


Grandma said...

Geez, Murphy was telling me how much he loved that I just bought him another one...I think I better keep it for awhile! Cooper may want more beads to dump. I know he is a "busy little boy".

So happy Harlie is back to her routine. I am sure this will make er very happy too! Seeing her friends and enjoying school will help with with her recovery.

Tracy said...

That is just way to cute. Should be entered into a photo contest. LOL.
Glad Harlie is feeling better and doing well. Have a great summer!

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July 24-26,2011
Washington, DC

B-Mama said...

Lol on the beads! Tell Coop he's welcome to play with James anytime! Maybe they can hang out in the gym nursery some morning?? Xo

Anonymous said...

Cooper seems to have all the hero needs covered. Whatever needs to be accomplished he looks like he is our man. Hope all is going well. I am glad that Harlie is getting back to school. That will keep her busy. Enjoy swimming Murphy. Love Ron and Sue, Pgh.

Amy Fields said...

Hey, we are running some super awesome summer camps at my school. Bring the kids and dump them on us! I would love to have them. I miss Murphy!

Amy Fields