Monday, May 2, 2011

In Emergency Surgery

Very quick update... After talking with a few folks I decided to take her to the ER in DC. I didn't want to come alone (heavy traffic + trach + laying down child = a stressful drive) so I asked my friend Heather if she could possibly leave work and go with us. So she rescheduled a bunch of stuff and took the rest of the day off for me! I am so thankful for my support network!

We got to the ER around 3:30pm and we saw a buch of docs. An Ortho resident came to cut the back of her cast and a very long story short - she has a horrible infection at the top of the surgical site. I took a picture but I can't upload it right now. her surgeon came down and was shocked when she saw it.

So that meant she had to go into surgery ASAP. Luckily Brandy fed her lunch at noon and I didn't tube feed her after - so she was good as far as that went.

She cried when we entered the parking garage and she cried when all the scrubs showed up. She kept signing car. It was heartbreaking. Truly. What she has to endure kills me.

They took her back at 8:45pm and said it would be three hours. I will update more later as I can. It is very busy though - constant interruptions and millions of questions to answer. Going into unplanned surgery at night when the hospital is deserted is unsettling. heather is going to stay with me until we know she is okay. Thank you Heather!


Heather and I haven't eaten