Thursday, May 19, 2011

All is fine

Sorry it has taken me a while to update.  I hope you weren't too worried.

Things are fine.  We went to the appointment yesterday, but we went to the wrong place.  Her surgeon has clinic in Fairfax on Tuesdays, which is where we've always seen her.  But yesterday was Wednesday.  And I didn't realize that on Wednesdays she has clinic at the hospital.  Ugh.

They called her, but there was no way we could have made it to the hospital before the surgeon was supposed to be in the OR.  So, one of her partners who has clinic in Fairfax on Wednesdays "worked us in" more than two hours after arriving.  I was kicking myself the whole time.  If only one of us had been more clear... ugh.

The problem is that I really wanted to talk to her about more than just her incision.  Harlie will not bear weight on the right side.  She limps in the walker and will not put the heel of her right foot on the floor.  So, I asked him about it and he had nothing to offer.  I would never choose that guy to be Harlie's surgeon.

And he was not concerned about the looks of her incision.  But he also said that her stitches don't itch.  Uh-huh.  Right.  I guess I'll call him in the middle of the night when she is beside herself with itchiness.  I must be dreaming.

And they took x-rays.  He was pretty much telling us good-bye when I asked him if he was going to look at her x-rays.  So he went away and then came back and said "they look fine."  Nice of him to bring the x-ray in so I could see it, too, and make sure that he was looking at the ones taken that day.  Not.

So we left.  I spent over $40 in gas, almost seven hours of the day, my mom came over and watched Cooper and my neighbor picked up Murphy after school - all for nothing.  Which I admit was just as much my fault as anyone else's.  Grr!

So, we are just going to keep a super close eye on things.  We have an appointment to see her surgeon next week.  Hopefully things will get better and all will be fine.  But today she has pointed to her back and her leg several times and signed "hurt."  This is the worst recovery of any surgery she has ever had.  It has been miserable from day one.  I wish I could blink my eyes and have her be all healed and back to herself 100% again.

We'll get through it.  I know.  It will just take time and patience.

On a positive note - I do think it was beneficial for her to go back to that office and not get hurt by a doctor.  She did cry as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.  But, a few more office visits that don't hurt and I think that will really help.

That's all I have time for now.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some posts written in the next few days.



Susan said...

Damn Christy that is one sucky day. You can blame yourself if you want, but REALLY?! Exactly how would you have any clue the appointment wasn't at the regular place unless they told you? If they told you'd I'm pretty sure you'd have gone to the right place. And that other doc sounds like a real jerk! I'd trust about 0% of what he said. I hope today was a better day!

Donna said...

Ahh Christy, love how 'all is fine' can be interpreted in the special needs world! ;)
Hugs to Harlie!

Christy said...

Donna - SO true! We don't ask for much, do we??? Our perspective is so skewed!!! So nice to know I'm understood, though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I am glad things look good and I hope they stay that way. Marcy