Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Home!

Well, we are home - all 5 of us. While the hospital had wireless, it did not allow access to most sites - including my blog. Talk about frustrating! So, here's the scoop:

It's a Boy!

Cooper Cabell Holton
8 pounds, 3 ounces
20 inches
September 26, 2008

I went into labor the night of Harlie's birthday. We got to the hospital at about 11pm. Here's me checking in (the last belly shots):

Ahhh, look how happy I was here...

and here...


WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?? Only 4 centimeters?!?!?! Oh boy, I think I'm in trouble.

Well, I wanted a whole different experience. And I got one. I was nauseous, shaky and itchy. I couldn't sleep at all. He wasn't in the correct position for proper birth and his shoulder got stuck, and, here's the best part, the epidural ran out more than an hour BEFORE his birth! It was lovely.

But, most importantly, he is HEALTHY! We got to hear him cry and there was no NICU team in sight! Then they brought him to me when they were done with him and he got to stay in my room all day long! It really was a wonderful experience. After I took a shower, I started to get dressed, in regular clothes. Then I realized that I didn't have to leave my room. That I could stay in my pjs and stay in bed for the rest of my stay!! I was so used to having to leave my room (or the building) to go see my babies! This way was MUCH better!

I was afraid I would re-live all the feelings I had when I had Harlie (especially considering her birthday was the day before). And it certainly did take me a few hours to get myself "back" after the delivery. But once they brought me Cooper and I got to spend a few hours with him, everything just fell into place. I guess I was sort of scared how I would feel about him and if that would make me feel guilty about loving another baby other than Harlie. But, I guess as they say, your heart just grows bigger.

And now that Harlie is doing so well and is happy as can be, I don't find myself "sad" about her actual birth day anymore. I mean, I'll never look at it as a good, happy experience. But instead of focusing on her birth, I will just celebrate where she is and how far she's come. And I am so thankful that this third time was the charm, and I finally got a typical birth so I could be just a regular mom who is so incredibly happy to have this cute little boy.

Tom brought Murphy and Harlie up to see me on Saturday and boy, was that a crazy experience. Harlie did great. So far, she has no issues with me holding the baby. She just signs "baby" herself and wants to hold him. It's so cute. I really think that her timing of walking just couldn't have been better. I think now that she's found this freedom, she is really focused on that and doesn't really care that I'm busy with a new baby.

So, here's the last photo of our family of four (taken just Wednesday night, I think):

And here's what we look like now...

It looks so funny to me. We're out-numbered!

Well, it has taken me a while to write this. Clearly, I don't get long stretches of time to concentrate on one thing (like this computer). And while Cooper is sleeping soundly, I think I might rest for a bit as well.

Thank you for all your well wishes and congratulations. It really was wonderful to have so many people excited about this birth with us.

So, thank you!


Ann said...

Congratulations Christy. You have a beautiful family.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Cooper is adorable and I know Murphy and Harlie will be a great big brother and big sister. Time to get Harlie a baby doll. So cute she wants to hold him. Let me know when I can come over and take pictures of him.


Ang B said...

Christy, you're all gorgeous! Congratulations!


Sue Mitchell said...

Congratulations and I'm so happy you got the normal birthing experience (although, if the epidural ran out an hour early, I think you got more than you wished for!) Your husband had way too much fun on the computer Friday, stringing us along. I'm glad you're back on now. (love you Tom!)

Congratulations Holton family of 5!

Barb Horensky said...


Anonymous said...

Again... congrats. I will call later, after I know you have had time to settle in. Just know that we are all so excited to see all of you at Mandy's wedding. Can't wait to meet Cooper!!

Love you all..

Kristie, Dave, Nate and Tayne

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Sorry I couldn't come by the hospital to see you. Cooper is beautiful! I am so happy for you all. So glad you have such a great family!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS HOLTON FAMILY!! Cooper is adorable and we are so excited for you!

Ashley, Daniel, Peyton & Paige

Suzanne said...

Outnumbered! Yes, dear, you are! And it is great. Exhausting, but great. Three adorable babies! How lucky does a girl get!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing and your family is beautiful.

Kim *Byington* Hall
JRT '89