Monday, September 1, 2008


So, we've had a good weekend. I'll have to update about that later. Tonight we were all just hanging out together, enjoying the weather - with the deck door open. Murphy went to close it -no big deal. Except that Harlie's little, tiny thumb was in the middle opening (only one door opens, the other doesn't). However, since the poor thing can't scream bloody murder, no one noticed at first. He had no idea why the door wasn't closing properly. I'm sure it was only a second or two - but that still makes me want to come out of my skin. Tom and I noticed it at the same time and both went running (we were literally 3 feet away from her). Her thumb was squished - and I wanted to take her to the ER.

Out of all the things I've seen her endure - this one just makes me hurt - sick to my stomach kind of hurt. And the realization that she can't alert you that something is terribly, horribly wrong... Ugh. I just don't want to think about it. What if I was doing the dishes with my back turned? What if I was putting the laundry in the wash? Well, so much for being comfortable enough to leave the room for a few seconds.

She calmed down after only a few minutes. I'm STILL not calmed down, really. I just cannot believe what that little girl can handle. I felt better when she stopped crying and started playing again. And Tom said that a trip to the ER would be, well, kinda silly. He is the one that got her thumb out and he said that it was only the upper portion of her thumb, not her knuckle, so he really thought that it was just bruised (and squished flat) and that there's nothing an ER could do for her. Which is true. And she really seemed fine. I am sure we'll see an ugly bruise forming tomorrow, though.

Well, just had to get that off my chest. Somehow writing about what bothers me helps a little. Now I need to go think about something else!

Oh, one other thing... Murphy woke up the other morning and told us he had a dream that he had an ice cream cone for breakfast. We said, yep, that's a dream alright. Here's your cereal. He was pretty disappointed. But, he's over that, too, it seems.

Oh - and sorry about the lack of posting this weekend. No baby yet. Just busy doing stuff with the family (which was great).

Take care,


Lindsay said...

Oh No! Glad she's OK and that the baby is still swimming in there. We miss you all - see you tomorrow after dinner for a bike ride?? :)

Kim said...

Oh my gosh, that just makes me cringe. Poor Harlie! I hope it's just a minor bruise (if that) in the morning... she's a tough one - a squished thumb is NOTHIN'. I'm sure Murphy felt awful about it, too.

Not much longer to go... do you feel ready yet?!

Anonymous said...

I am glad she is okay.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous was Karen Ornberg!!! Trying to figure this out.