Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harlie's 2nd Birthday

Well, today is Harlie's Birthday. I can't believe she is TWO! Although, in some ways, I feel like we've lived many more years together than that! She has had the busiest two years of any little girl I know!

I don't want to look back at her actual birth day. That was not the joyous day it should have been. Especially considering how incredibly joyful she makes my life now. What a difference time (medical advances and some lucky breaks) makes! And not just in her achievements. Mine, too.

Two years ago, it hurt in every way to look at a "normal" baby. How lucky I thought everyone else was to have perfectly healthy, beautiful babies. Well, that's still true (about the lucky part, I mean. But it doesn't hurt to look at other babies now, thank goodness.) But, now I think of how lucky we are to have her. She really is such a joy to be around. She's a lot of work, I'm not going to lie about that. But, she is SO worth it!

Yesterday, Brandy and I took Harlie shopping to find a birthday present for her and someone who worked there noticed her. She told me that she used to work at Children's Hospital here in Richmond years ago. She was watching Harlie play and she told me that she looked like she is very sweet girl. We said yes. (It is so nice to know that other people can see it, too!) Luckily, Harlie has the perfect personality for the life she was given.

I wanted to put some stuff together for her birthday, but I just haven't been able to be focused on that task lately. Hopefully I will get it done soon, it just won't be today. Or tomorrow. It might be next month now that I'm thinking about it. And you would think that everything would be easier for me to do now versus later considering later I will have another baby to take care of. But, my head is just too foggy right now. The anticipation (and hope) of labor pretty much occupies my every thought.

Well, I'm going to try to work on her birthday project for a few minutes while the house is quiet. Happy Birthday Harlie!

Take care,


Elaine said...

On this very special day my heart is so full of joy. Every time I think of Harlie, and you can't imagine how many times a day that is, I smile. She is so much fun to watch. Now that she's older, you can watch her thinking and deciding and doing. I notice that so much in Murphy and Harlie. I didn't fully appreciate that with the older six (also wonderful)grandchildren. I have more time now to notice that kind of stuff and Harlie has been the catalyst for all this sensitivity.

But what I really want to talk about is you, Christy. No mother has ever been more proud of a child than I am of you. Harlie does have a perfect personality for her situation, but she is so lucky to have been born to a mother who also has a perfect personality to care for her. In the last two years we have watched you grow into the wonderful, loving, wise, calm, take-it-in-stride person you are (well, you always have been calm). I think Harlie has made incredible, awesome progress and I attribute that to you and your dogged determination to insure her well being at every level. You have impressed her medical team with your learning and understanding of all her medical issues. You have impressed friends and family with your heart which has grown larger than other parts of your anatomy I could mention right now. We are so looking forward to Three's birth and watching her/him be assimilated into your wonderful family.

So, Happy Birthday, Harlie! We love you and are so proud of you!!!

Nana and Poppy

Grandma and Pap Pap said...

Happy Birthday Harlie!!! Nsns Elaine and Poppy..We think you said it all. Harlie , yes, was born different but Tom and Christy early on made the decision to let her have a chance in this world and oh how thankful the world is to have such a sweet, loving, intelligent, precious little girl. Not only has Harlie bightened her own family lives but think about how many people she has touched! The doctors and nurses that have taken care of her, the therapists, friends, all the hundreds of people who diligently read this website everday. They read because they love her, want to watch her progress, want to be part of this ittle "toddlers" life.

We have said so many times during the last two years how blessed Harlie has been having the parents she does. Christy and Tom..We love you and are so proud of the patience, kindness and wisdom you have showed this have instilled those qualities in Harlie.

We thank God everday for giving us Harlie, for His gift to you to be there for her every needs, for letting her family grow and accept the challenges they will face each and every day. We thank Him for allowing Harlie to have the experience of not only having a big brother but sson a baby brother/sister to add to her loving family.

In this past, think of what Harlie has gone thru...think of what she has accomplished. This is our Happy Birthday wish..We wish for the sun to always shine on our little girl, for medical technology to grow in their knowledge of heart related issues, For any Doctor that Harlie will ever need to be blessed by the Hands of God before they touch her, for anyone that meets Harlie to love her the way her family does and may Harlie grow knowing and feeling how special she really is to all.

Happy 2nd Birthday Harlie.

Heather Lewis said...

Happy Birthday Harlie! Wishing you a wonderful day today and many, many more wonderful birthdays in the future.

mel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARLIE!! We love you and can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!! Love, Abigail and Isabella

Todd, Lindsay, O and P said...

Happy Happy Birthday and many more to come!

Ornberg Clan said...

Happy Birthday Harlie!! We are glad that you are not going through the terrible twos like we are. Stay sweet!!

Linnea and Sofia

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Harlie! I am so blessed to have shared a tiny bit of your story over the past two years. You and your amazing Mommy have been so inspiring. I look forward to celebrating many, many more with you!
Love, Suzanne

Amanda said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Harlie!!! We love you and miss you and can't wait to see you in 3 weeks.

Love Mimi & Soon To Be Uncle Bradley

windy toy said...

Happy Birthday Harlie!!! Wow, I cant believe how far you've come in the past two years, youre amazing!!!!

Love you

Kim said...

We wish you the very happiest of birthdays, Harlie!! Yay - 2 is so much fun!!

Kim, Katie and Sadie

Rene said...

Happy Birthday, Harlie! I hope you had a wonderful day of surprises and love.

Tommy's Mom

Anonymous said...

Hppy Birthday Harlie!

We love you!

Kristie, Dave, Nate and Tayne