Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New schedule, new routine

Ahhhh, school has started. I know a lot of you parents are very pleased. Since Murphy's preschool is on the same schedule as the schools, I can feel the difference, too. This summer was the summer program, and his hours were different (three full days a week). Now that the new school year is here, he goes everyday, until 12:30pm.

I am very thankful that he gets lunch there before I pick him up. And it is a very good, well-balanced lunch, too. Anyway, getting into a new groove has been good. It is definitely different to have him home every afternoon. And, sadly, he has out grown his nap. The timing really couldn't have been better. Now that he's home at 12:30, I don't have to worry about him having a different schedule some days (they still nap at 1pm in his class). Bedtime is so much better now without him taking a nap. I really wanted him to keep it until I could get a handle on having the new baby, too. But, that didn't happen. So, now instead of nap time, he gets "quiet time" and has to stay in his room and play, read, etc. So far he has been pretty cooperative. So, hopefully that will work out fine.

This past weekend we were very busy. We actually got out as a family, which I LOVED! Just running errands with all four of us in the car makes me happy. I don't know why exactly, but it does. We took the kids for haircuts, went to Target, went to the mall and let them play in Pottery Barn and the play area. The weather was great and Harlie got to do some walking outside (at the mall) and they seemed to have a great time.

Sunday was our 6th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, I've had a cold for the past couple of weeks, so we didn't get to go out to dinner or anything. But we had a nice dinner at home and watched a movie. Tom got me this great little camera that takes movies, too. That way I can easily download my movie clips onto this blog. I'm very excited about that. Downloading the videos I was taking was a nightmare. So this will be much better. And since it is a smaller camera, I can keep it with me all the time, which is great.

And, this is the best part... Tom finished the baby's furniture! YAY! All he has to do now is paint it, which is being done on Saturday. So, if all goes well, the furniture will be up in the room by next week! Here are some pics of the dresser:

Oh, I have another funny Murphy story. When we were out over the weekend I put a pink bow in Harlie's hair (to keep her bangs out of her eyes). Yesterday, Murphy got the bow and wanted to put it in her hair. I told him no, that she didn't want it right then and he said, "But she looks beautiful with a bow in her hair." He is so funny. The two of them together just crack me up.

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Grandma said...

Nice job Tom..You should be really proud. Maybe, when you retire, you can make furniture as a hobby!! In all seriousness..It is really beautiful. And my big question is..when did Harlie get so tall? Looking at those pictures, I can't believe how grown up she looks. It has only been 5 weeks since I have seen her and wow!!! Take some pictures with the bow..I would really like to see them. Love you all.

Liz said...

I was just thinking the same thing! Both of them look SO tall in those pictures! Murphy looks like he's grown inches since vacation. The furniture looks great - Can't wait for 3 to be here!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Tom. I need a new bed room set. LOL Ok that bow story has to be the cutest ever. I so love your kids.