Monday, September 15, 2008

Hearing Harlie

We had physical and speech therapies today. Both went great! Traci (her PT) is working on challenging her more with her walking and she did great. And in speech therapy, Beth worked with her PMV (speaking valve). Here's a little clip of her. WAY more sound and less whining!!! You can even hear her laugh a little. Music to my ears!!! Warning: you might grow tired of the videos.


Anonymous said...

OMG that is so awesome! She has the cutest little laugh. It's so sweet to see Murphy right in there helping. And I love the "Belly" shots.

Grandma said...

OH MY GOD...WHY WOULD ANYONE GET TIRED OF THE VIDEO'S!! Christy, all the people that read this website are reading it for one reason...they LOVE Harlie and want to follow her successes and accomplishments...and WOW...these last couple of days have been well...GREAT! She sounds so precious, loving and all everyone wants to do is pick her up, hold her, kiss her and love her!! And is so wonderful to see how great Murphy is with her and how proud he is of his little sister.

Kristie said...

Just too amazing. Wer are all in Erie checking out your blog. Harlie, what sweet sounds coming from your mouth. Music to our ears!!!

Kristie, Dave, Nate, Tayne

Ann said...

No way, never could I get tired of videos of Harlie! Those videos got me all choked up. How awesome to hear Harlie laugh.

Thanks for sharing your sweet little girl with us.


Sue Mitchell said...

Love the videos - can't get tired of those. It's great you can post videos and pictures now. BTW, you said the belly shots were from awhile back. I want to see some current ones before you have the baby!