Monday, September 8, 2008

Harlie Walked!!!

Today was so busy. I just have to share...

Took Murphy to school at 8:30, went to Harlie's pediatrician for her pre-op physical, dropped Harlie and Brandy off at home, went and picked up Murphy from school, took him to his dentist appointment, went to the grocery store, came home, got to be there for the end of physical therapy (which went GREAT), speech therapy was canceled, had lunch, put Harlie down for her nap, Murphy was settled down for quiet time (which ended up being a nap), left to go run errands to... our bank, Benjamin Moore paints to return something, Harlie's bank, back to the pediatrician's office for a form that I have to have for her procedure tomorrow in DC, then to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription, to the library, came home, realized I forgot some items from the grocery store that we needed for dinner, so had to go back to the grocery store for a second time and then came home and got to stay. Whew!

Well, I really need to go but I just wanted to tell you how great physical therapy was today. She walked 17 steps totally by herself. I don't know why she did it for Traci and won't do it for us. Other than she just wants to torture us even more than she usually does. Anyway, here is Brandy and I trying to get her to walk after Traci left. The sign she does is the sign for "change diaper." She really cracks me up.

Here is her walking:

I am still learning my new camera so I missed a bunch of good walking. Ugh. And Tom just told me that I had my setting at compact, so the video is really small. He changed it for me, so hopefully the next ones will be better.

Now I need to go and pack for our trip to DC tomorrow. We have to leave at 5am. I really hope I get a decent maternity leave so I can get some rest. haha At 4pm today they called to tell us the time to be there. Then they told us that she would have to stay for 24 hours. I about had a cow. I did NOT want to stay up there overnight. So, I e-mailed her doc and hoped that he had his e-mail go to his blackberry so he would get it in time. He did and e-mailed me right back that he would release her the same day, so not to worry. Whew! I was very glad to hear that. So, hopefully all will go well and we can hear some of her voice tomorrow!

I'll let you know how it goes...

Take care,



Rene said...

Harlie!!!! Oh my goodness! I'm so happy to see her walking all by herself.

Take care of yourself...only a couple more weeks until the new baby is here, right?

Heart hugs!
Tommy's mom

Kim said...

Good luck tomorrow! You'll be in my thoughts.

And Harlie, my gosh! She's getting so big!! She may not be gaining weight, but she's definitely looking so much taller lately. She's walking so well!! Hooray!

Take it easy - hope the trip isn't too tough on you. You need to post some belly pictures - won't be long and it will be GONE!! :) I know you must be getting super excited, despite the constant chaos, chores, appointments and such.


Libby Walker said...

she really is amazing!! good luck tomorrow

Grandma said...

She can do IT!!!And I love the pink wonder Murphy said she looked "beautiful"!!! keep up the good work Harlie and good luck on your test today..we are so anxious to hear your voice. love and kisses.

Ann said...

Harlie Rocks! I love that kid.

windy toy said...

Not only has GOD blessed you with a wonderful family, he gave you stamina to go with it!!! Where do you get all that energy girl???

Elaine said...

Another Murphy story: Yesterday while Christy and Harlie were in Washington on a very successful trip, I picked up Murphy at school. I buckled him in his car seat and asked him to buckle the chest buckle for me. He said, "Nana, your nails are too long. You need to clip them." So, we get home and I ask him to unbuckle the chest buckle while I got the lap buckle. We went into the house and Murphy raced up the stairs. I thought he was going to show me Three's crib, but by the time I got into Three's room, Murphy was nowhere in sight. Then I heard a cry, "A little help here!!" So I went into his mother's room and there he was at her vanity. In his zeal to find the clippers for me, he had completedly pulled out her drawer and everything that used to be in the drawer was now on the floor. We cleaned that up and I assured him that all would be fine and that I would find some clippers.

I don't know when I've seen a four-year-old recognize a problem, decide on a solution to the problem and then proceed directly to solving the problem. Is he something or what!?!?!