Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow Day

On Monday, we got a little snow.  And a little snow in Richmond usually means everyone freaks out.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't like to drive in it either.  But, this didn't even stick to the streets.  And it was 40 degrees and sunny by afternoon and the snow was all gone by nightfall.

But, to the kids, it doesn't matter.  It was snowing and that meant they could go sledding.  Last time it snowed it was the same way - not enough to make sledding possible.  But, try telling the kids that!  They just don't get it.

So, on Monday, I took them anyway.  Had to let them see for themselves.  I will say, I'm pretty proud of myself for taking all three, and a neighbor, to the hill by myself.  It was a little tricky since I only had two pairs of boots for three kids.  But, I found a pair of boots that were too small for Murphy - yet still too big for Cooper, and put them on him anyway.  He didn't care.  Even when his boot came off while sledding.  Nothing slows that kid down.

THE hill.  Pretty pathetic, I know.

I'll give her this, she walked up that hill all by herself every time.  

She wasn't moving - waiting for a push. 

Still not moving.  Still waiting for a push. 

As you can see - there's a lot of grass.  Which meant that I had to PUSH them down the hill.  Sometimes even running after them and having to push them several times to get down the hill. They didn't care.  Well, Murphy and his friend got a little bored pretty quickly.  But, Harlie and Cooper didn't care.  It really doesn't take much to please them.  I really need to work on getting more fun in their lives!

So, back to them being out of school... First of all, school was delayed two hours BEFORE it even started snowing.  The second it started to snow, it was canceled.  I looked at the weather forecast and it was going to be over by like noon or something - and that it would be over 40 and sunny by the afternoon.  Clearly, it wasn't going to ice over.  It wasn't sticking to the streets.  And school closes.

Now, I understand that this is in no way the same thing.  But, I couldn't help but think of this article I read a while back...

These kids are walking to school.  To get an education.  That they clearly WANT.  Apparently more than the average American student.

Makes me feel like we're a bunch of wimps.

Granted, I did drive the 2-3 blocks to get to the hill to go "sledding."  But I'm going to blame that on the lack of appropriate footwear for Cooper (and the oh-so-clear streets that I mentioned earlier).

Okay, more later!  Thanks!

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Ann said...

The pictures of Harlie waiting for a push and then treking back up the hill are why I love that kid!! She is too much. :)

You do wonder why the school districts are so quick to cancel school these days. Here in sunny Arizona, school cancellation due to weather is not something even in the realm of possibilities.