Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, it looks like Harlie is a little sick. She's been running a fever for a few days. She's on antibiotics now. But, that is causing a whole other issue, of course. Last week I tried to avoid the antibiotic route. She's just been on so many, it just kills me to keep giving them to her. I might have to see if the pharmacy can print out a list of all the antibiotics she's been on. Just for shits and giggles, as my dad would say.

Anyway, on Thursday, when her symptoms got worse, I started the meds. She seemed okay, even when she had a fever. But today was the day that the meds started her GI problems. I really dislike antibiotics and what they do to her (other than making her better most of the time, of course!) Anyway, she was in so much pain (diaper rash) after her bath that she actually let me cuddle with her. She really isn't that kind of girl, so I enjoyed it (not that I want her to be in pain, of course). She some how comforts herself and does not want a special anything or loving of any kind. Sometimes it kills me, but I know that's probably the best for her considering the kind of life she has. She is very independent in many ways.

Well, here is a video from the beginning of June, right before her heart surgery, that I've been wanting to post. I finally just got around to uploading it. I think it shows a lot of her funny mannerisms. For some reason, I really enjoy this clip of her and thought maybe you would, too. She's playing with goldfish crackers and a magnifying glass.


Suzanne said...

Is that the Wendy's "I spy" magnifying glass? She sure sounds like she is saying "I see!" that is fantastic! Feel better little one!

grandma said...

Amazing how she amuzes herself..and the cutest wyas Harlie has!! Hope she feels better soon..I hate to hear when she is't feeling well. Get better little one soon. Love and kisses.

Susan said...

Very cute. She sounds great. That's what impresses me. Ah, to be able to hear sound. You are so lucky.

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