Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Harlie is continuing to do great with her feedings. It is SO different to be able to give her a spoonful and see her eat it - just like a normal kid. I am just as excited as I was last night. But for some reason I lack the energy to show it appropriately.

It's probably because Murphy took a lot of my energy today. I took the boys to the gym with me and when I picked them up, Murphy didn't have his shoes on. They wear socks only in that room. Anyway, we were in the lobby of the gym and I told Murphy to put his shoes on. He made the least amount of effort possible, and whined that he couldn't do it. The problem is that he likes his crocs, and he's gotten lazy at putting on tennis shoes. I've helped him, and shown him how to put on his $%#$@#$ tennis shoes more times than I care to admit. I guess that seals the deal - he's no genius. Anyway, I told him we weren't leaving until he put on his shoes. I guess he didn't want to leave. My threat wasn't threatening enough. Yeah, 25 $%#$^$ minutes later, and he didn't even have A shoe on!!!! Cooper was hungry and tired and it was getting past his naptime. The people that work there at the front desk were watching the whole thing. Probably judging me as a mom. It was a really fun moment.

I told him that if I helped him put on his shoes, he was in BIG trouble. You know, the problem was his whole "not trying" attitude. I can't stand it! He was putting absolutely NO effort into it and I knew that we were never going to leave. So, yes, I helped him. Well, that's not true. I put them on for him - very roughly. And then tied them as tight as I possibly could. He didn't seem to notice. Ugh.

Anyway, he was sent to his room to sit on his bed and do nothing else but think about how he didn't try (how long do you think he thought about that?). I fed Cooper, put him in bed and ate breakfast so I could cool down. When I went to check on Murphy he was sleeping. When he woke up I made him go and get his shoes. I told him he could not wear his crocs again, until he could successfully put on his own tennis shoes. Then I made him put on his tennis shoes (which he did in less than one minute, now that we were home and not in public). Then I made him untie them and take them off. Then I made him put them right back on. And we repeated this numerous times. And he was not allowed to watch one minute of TV. Later, he had to practice again.

By the end of the day, he put on his own shoes without an issue. BUT AT WHAT COST TO ME???? Well, I hope I did the right thing. I didn't beat him, which in itself should speak volumes for me. Why does spanking have to be so taboo now a days? I remember my parents making me go and get a switch. Granted that only happened, like, once I think. (What can I say, I was a good kid). But still... Parenting is so freaking HARD!

And speaking of that... tonight I was reading Harlie some books at bedtime. I went to read the third one and she only wanted to look at the first page. Then she threw the book across the room. I - being shocked and appalled - told her we don't throw books and I won't read any more books to her if she was going to be rude like that. To which she signed "night-night" to me and promptly laid down on her bed and rolled over. Well, I guess I told her!

Good night and good luck. To all of us parents.


Grandma said...

Oh the joys of parenthood!!! Someday, when we are all alone...I have a very similar story to tell you about your husband...he was a little younger but just as stubborn..that may be where Murphy gets it from!! I don;t want to embarrass tom over the internet. And poor little miss Harlie..well, I guess she has a mind of her own! Just wait till Cooper gets a little older...gray hair here it comes! Love ya all.

Ann said...

Eric is also among the group of kids that prefers crocs and delays, delays, delays when he needs to put on his tennis shoes. What I don't get is the inherent laziness in kids these days. Why? We aren't lazy? I feel your frustration. Unfortunately, it ain't going to get any easier as time goes on - just different "battles". I agree, why didn't anyone tell us parenting would be so hard?!

Tracy said...

To funny. I think I had a day like that yesterday too!LOL. Except it was Maggie being the naughty one. I hear ya about the spanking. Except Maggie is my only one not to get a swat on the bottom. I wouldnt' want to do something to her million dollar butt!LOL. Anyways, everyone has to have one "blonde" in the family. Cooper sounds like my 2nd daughter. Sometimes she really scares me and I wonder how she continues to breathe each day. Yet at the same time she has moments that amaze me. LOL.

Well, hope that your day today is a better one.
I'm convinced that's why I'm finding gray hairs.. or maybe that's my husband? Who can tell? LOL.


Donna said...

I know you had a rough day, but I can't help but laugh...you are so funny, even when you're mad!!! :)

Hoping today's a better day!!

B-Mama said...

Christy, just wanted to offer you some moral support from down the street! You are a wonderful mother. Sounds like you handled everything just right and didn't fly off the handle. That's the hardest challenging in parenting--maintaining composure in the thick of things! Parenting is no joke and SO MUCH harder than I ever thought it would be. But I have to remember that with the difficulty comes more joy than I've ever known. I know you know that! Hang tough! Hope to run into you all soon... :) Bethany

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